Jeremy McGarity
August 20, 2009

End of the World Teaching Series

The End of the World is coming...We continue our end of the world teaching series this Sunday. I will be talking about Signs of the End.

It can be such a strange topic because there are various views...even among Christians...about how "The End" will look. I'm glad you logged on to my blog because I've got the right answer! - Ok, I've got what I believe is the right answer based off my and many other's study of Scripture.

Throughout this process I promise not make it "weird". It will be down home, plain english, to the point...we will not be drinking any Kool-Aid or anything.

I'm going to be blogging about it because on Sunday there just isn't enough time to dig into all the Bible prophecy and nuggets that foretell the things to come.

My goal is to have many of your questions answered on Sundays but inevitably you will have some questions after my deep, precise, and through examination and exposition of biblical eschatology (...slight exaggeration...) and definite overuse of theology terms.

So, to give you a preview..and for those who are logging on after Sunday Aug 23rd. Here are a couple of the signs I want to talk about...and I may not get to all the details in 30 min. or so on Sunday.

1. The RE-Gathering of Israel.
In 1948 - Israel became an official independent "state." The Bible speaks about the regathering of Israel as the key element to the beginning of the END. This regathering would have been unthinkable just decades before. The Jews were absolutley scattered all over the world with only (at high estimates) 4% living in Israel. Today of the 7million + living in Israel over 5 million + are Jews- over 75%! That is significant. The regathering is occuring.

A few verses: Isa 43:5 Fear not, for I am with you;
I will bring your offspring from the east,
and from the west I will gather you.

Isa 11:12 He will raise a signal for the nations
and will assemble ithe banished of Israel,
and gather the dispersed of Judah
from the four corners of the earth.
Also: Deut. 30:1-4

Many verses in Isaiah talk about this Regathering. It is the SUPERSIGN that precedes all other events. That is why 1948 was so significant. Many Christians at that time cried in joy seeing that this prophecy was being fulfilled before their eyes. It continues to be fulfilled today as more and more Jews return to their homeland.

Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and many of the OT prophets talk about this. As a matter of fact of the 16 OT Prophets- 10 mention this Supersign.

Because it continues to prove the Bible is accurate and true. And, since the Bible had over 300 prophecies concerning Jesus' 1st coming - and they ALL came true - you can bet, at a 100% accuracy clip - the prophecies (of which there are 8x more) of his 2nd Coming will also prove true.

In Matthew Jesus gives us some parables. The point to those parables is simple: BE READY. He says we need to be WATCHFUL, not getting lazy because He will come when we least expect it. He tells us, Be WATCHING, Be WORKING, Be WAITING.

Read Matthew 25. I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts on "The End."

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  1. Great stuff pastor, thanks. Not significant, but cool how the Dead Sea scrolls were found in the same decade!!!

  2. LOVE that little tid bit you gave us.

    I didn't know anything about any of that! So it was exciting to read.

    Want more…

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