Jeremy McGarity
September 17, 2009

Patience is Key

Life is so much about patience. Waiting in an emergency room is a good reminder that the world does not hurry for my needs. I think we turned down the wrong hall somewhere because this is clearly NOT the emergency room. This is the "it says emergency room outside but that is so"

We have been ushered, like a legless turtle, down the hall into a room where I'm listening to doctors and nurses guess at the amount of sedative they just gave the patient behind curtain 6...which is terribly comforting at this hour.

The better news is I've been sitting in this chair which at some level has become part of me except that it is a really uncomfortable part. It's like sitting naked on broken sea shells.

Our pregnant pause is past 5 hours. It's 2:00am now and there is no sign that Riley will get his stitches any time soon. His chin looks a lot like and opened oyster right now. Ah, but the time will come soon enough, patience, oh sweet patience. It could be worse.

Soon, I will see the sun will come up, or soon The Son will come back, not sure which one will be first but am anticipating the second much more than the first and at this point don't want to be sitting in sea shells when the first happens. However, if it so happens that it is the sun before The Son, I shall remain patient.

3 thoughts on “Patience is Key”

  1. Good stuff bro! I find myself struggling with “To live is Christ, to die is gain” everyday. How wonderful it will be to be in His presence, but also, how wonderful this mission is to share the gospel!!!

  2. Oh no! Poor Riley!

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