Jeremy McGarity
August 15, 2012

Praying For An Answer

What do you think about "Prayer?" This week at 7SD I'm talking about prayer...yay, yay... I know.."well, a pastor should talk about prayer... and yada, yada, yada..." well, here's the thing, I know most people's prayer life sucks. Let's be honest, we all can do better in this area. However, on Sunday I'm not going to guilt everybody into grinding out more time to pray. I'm simply going to show you from Scripture what God's Word says about Praying for An Answer. Then, you decide. Is it true what the bumper stickers say, "More prayer, more prayer, no power" or "Know Jesus, Know Peace or No Jesus No Peace" or "My kid beat up your honor student" .. oh wait, how'd that get in there... or whatever corny bumper sticker you've seen (by the way, what corny bumper stickers have you seen lately? I love to hear 'em and maybe mention them on Sunday.) Let me know the corniest Christian bumper stickers you've ever seen or heard about... the ones that when you saw them you cringed... like the one I saw yesterday, "Every time you honk your horn, an angel gets it's wings... so keep on honkin cuz I got angels with me!" (with a little cross next to it). No wonder people don't want to go to church! But, you'll want to come to 7SD Sunday it could totally change your PRAYER LIFE! SEE YA THERE!

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