Jeremy McGarity
May 31, 2014

Hell on Earth- Pastors Burning Up and Flaming out

I'm currently attending the final residency phase of my Doctor of Ministry program and I'm working on my final Doctoral Project. I've been digging into research on pastoral burnout and how it affects churches all across the nation. With 80-85% of churches declining or dying across America and with pastors leaving the ministry every day-- there is a clear correlation between pastoral burnout and church decline. I've been shocked to read the latest research and find that last year over 1,700 pastors quit or were forced to leave the ministry every month...I'm gonna say that again...every month. That number is rising... My project is focusing on the causes and correlations between burnout and decline in churches and the correlation between healthy pastors and healthy growing and multiplying churches. If we lose our leaders the research is showing we lose our churches. Since we trust Jesus' words that his "yoke is easy and his burden light" -- what is causing such burnout among church leaders? So far, the research is that crushing expectations, no time off, always in "crisis mode", wanting to please people and wanting to always be "On" and the pressure of putting together a good message for Sunday are all factors in burnout, moral failure and quitting amongst pastors in America. My goal is to help pastors and churches and find preventative methods and cures. Here's where you can help. If you know of a burned-out pastor- either currently out of full-time ministry or formerly burned out but back at it- please let me know by emailing me I would like to interview pastors and leaders and draw some conclusions and provide some solutions. Gracias and peace,
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  1. Bryan Kida said:

    What would you say are ways that pastor do to keep from burning out?

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