Jeremy McGarity
December 13, 2020

Word Of The Year

Whenever it came time to make a tough decision in 2020, which happened often, we came back to one word. Our word of the year, at Skyline Church, was Model. Whether it meant pivoting to online services, reopening our doors, or keeping our doors open, we have strived to exemplify a Model Church. 

Every year, through prayer and seeking the Lord, I choose a word for our church that will help us seek God’s will for our community and church family. While we didn’t know COVID was coming this year, God did! And it’s by His grace alone that we have had a firm footing in the journey of serving our community throughout the 2020 Pandemic. We continuously asked ourselves, what would a model church do. We have kept the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our community at the forefront of our decision making. In doing so, God’s church has flourished! Despite all the circumstances, hurdles, and challenges … Skyline Church has welcomed 665 NEW decisions for Jesus Christ … and counting! (If you were one of those, say hi below!) Every number has a name, every name has a story and every story matters to God.

We’re in awe of the work God has done through our church family. For us, becoming followers of Jesus is not just something we do on Easter and Christmas, or even just on Sundays. We exist to help others find and follow Jesus SEVEN days a week. That explains how we’ve seen more than a person a day making a decision to follow Jesus Christ in a year as daunting as 2020. 

Every year comes with its highs and lows, but this year stands out exponentially. History books will one day mark people, churches, businesses, and communities just trying to survive in 2020. That is why our word of the year for 2021 is … THRIVE! John 10:10 tells us that, “the thief” (satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy, but Jesus came that we may have abundant life! We're believing in that promise FULLY for the year ahead. Faith in Jesus Christ is where we're meant to thrive, not just survive. And though you may feel like you are just trying to stay afloat and make it through this year, God’s church is standing firm FOR and WITH you. We’re relentlessly dedicated to sharing the truth and relevance of God’s Word for YOUR life! 

No matter what 2021 brings, we’re committed to sharing God’s truth with a generation that needs hope to cope. We plan on thriving in the process, not just skating by. So invite your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family … In the New Testament original language of Greek, those people in your relational network are known as your Oikos. Invite them all! We want everyone to experience God’s goodness, promises, and faithfulness at new levels of authenticity. This is the year for us to rise and THRIVE! You may feel like you don’t have it all together, and that’s okay! No perfect people allowed here! We’re all figuring it out together. This next year will encapsulate new heights, unexplored possibilities, and untapped inspiration. Our word, THRIVE, is going to catapult us into a prosperous year of growth and worship. We believe it! Do you see it?


11 thoughts on “Word Of The Year”

  1. Thank you Jeremy for your sermons during the pandemic. I learned so much! I’m thinking we may go through some of the Tribulation though! We may even be going through a tad of it right now! But I’ve loved how you tackled the End times, Heaven, Hell, etc.
    I do want to say I have Covid, and have been very ill for 2 weeks. I had to go to the ER one day for I.V. fluids and an antibody I.V.
    Thankfully, I’m doing better. Our whole family got it, and we’ve been pretty careful the last 8 months.
    So, just wanted to say please be careful with your church and all.
    Much love in Christ,

  2. Denise Hortt said:

    Pastor Jeremy I was Baptized in August. My life has changed so much this year for the better. I’m looking forward to thriving with the church this next year!

  3. We are blessed to have you for our pastor..
    Thank you for all you do for All of us…

  4. AhabJezebel2020 said:

    Im glad to be back now. Its not an easy path to resume, but following in Jesus’ footsteps is yeilding so much. It is *showing* to my oikos.

    “you can twist perceptions
    reality won’t budge”


  5. Pam Shippam said:

    Inspirational !

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