Jeremy McGarity
November 2, 2021

School Options

I want to make sure you know, as a parent, that there are options for you as you consider taking your kids out of public school. A website I’ve mentioned at church is This website gives you the steps, resources, and other options whether you’re considering or already have taken your kids out of public school. 

It’s no secret our public-school systems are failing us as parents. The reality is when we turn the education of our kids over to the Government, this is what we get. The curriculum is total Anti-God, Anti-Church, Anti- Male and Female, Anti-American, and Anti-Human Being. It is straight socialism. Not just a hint of socialism, but an all-out assault on foundational American values.

At Skyline Church we have many Christians that are teachers and administrators in the public school system. They are on the frontlines fighting the good fight and trying to be lights in dark places. However, this latest wave of CRT and Transgender curriculum is pushing these and other teachers and administrators over the edge. We want you to know, as a public-school teacher or administrator, we are praying for you. I know many of you are trying to decide what to do at this point.  

As parents, if you are wondering what to do and what your options are, we are having a meeting at Skyline Church Rancho San Diego, Wednesday night November 3 beginning at 6:30PM in the auditorium to discuss your options.  

Legal counsel, Pacific Justice Institute will be there to give you information on your legal options. We will have a panel of experts, parents, and school administrators taking questions. You will be given resources to equip you to make the best decision in the best interests of your family.  

We continue to explore all options when it comes to a future Skyline Academy where our church can be the epicenter of strong Christian and American education! 

See you tomorrow night at 6:30pm at the Skyline Church Auditorium in Rancho San Diego. 11330 Campo Rd. La Mesa, CA. 91941.  

Remember, we truly believe, if you win the kids, you win the community. If you lose the kids, you’ve lost the future. We’re going to do everything we can to win the kids! 

Keep fighting the good fight!


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  1. Will this be available through Zoom or a recording?

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