Jeremy McGarity
February 21, 2023

Why Should I Lent?

is a forty day season from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). During the Lenten season Christians take time to focus on removing (fasting) anything that may be distracting them or hindering their relationship with the Lord. It can be an incredible time of purification, repentance, renewal, simple living, and overall joy when we truly lean into what God wants us to do. It is also a time to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us and identify with his 40 days in the desert during which time he was tempted by Satan. I encourage you to pray and decide what you will fast as you seek to grow closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Take a look at an interview I did with KUSI San Diego News on this subject, or view the message from Sunday February 19 called, "For the Love of Lent".

4 thoughts on “Why Should I Lent?”

  1. Karen Grube said:

    What a terrific interview! Thank you, Pastor McGarity, for focusing on how we can grow our relationship with Jesus during this season. My heart is there, open to His leading.

  2. Jason Hendrick said:

    That was very nice interview with Rudy. I felt like I had the cliff notes in my head from the sermon you gave on Sunday. I worked with Paul Rudy for my first 5 years in the TV business.

  3. Beth Thomas said:

    Love the emphasis on the relationship and not the religion. I wish that sentiment could be understood by all those who avoid the relationship BECAUSE of the religion.
    Such a great message.

  4. Juan Barragan said:

    Love the clarity and simplicity of this interview. On point!

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