Jeremy McGarity
March 24, 2023

KUSI NEWS-Pastor Addresses San Diego Homelessness

Early this week, I had the privilege of talking with our friends at KUSI NEWS about a few things that Skyline Church has been up to.

Tune in to the interview below for more on how Skyline is bringing light to dark places, addressing San Diego’s homelessness, and Easter services. We say it all the time; you need hope to cope. At Skyline Church, we will continue to bring positive solutions to our culture, and we won’t quit!


4 thoughts on “KUSI NEWS-Pastor Addresses San Diego Homelessness”

  1. Karen Grube said:

    We do need hope to cope! Thank you for that! And the Word of God is the perfect place to find that hope.

  2. Anna Cook said:

    Great interview and thanks Pastor Jeremy

  3. DIANE TICEN said:

    Thank you Pastor Jeremy for sharing the “Light”

  4. Letty Preciado said:

    Visited the Military Academy at Westpoint this week. Three words stood out to me:
    Duty, Honor, Country. If government officials took these words to Heart, what a difference that would make. These thoughts came to mind:
    Duty – do the job you were elected to do, stay humble and follow through
    Honor – honor those who elected you by providing clean, safe communities
    Country – we are still the Best in the world, try your Best to keep it that way.
    Thank you for continuing to speak up Pastor 🙌

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