Jeremy McGarity
March 29, 2023

Tennessee Shooting At Christian School

This week, I spoke with OAN about the devastating news in our Tennessee community. Please join Skyline Church as we pray for the afflicted families.

5 thoughts on “Tennessee Shooting At Christian School”

  1. My heart broke, once again, for all affected by such mental illness and evil. Six people lovingly in God’s hands now, but taken way too soon from this earth. One mentally ill person who needed the right care and not this woke crap for this to NOT be an issue. This need for God’s word, mental health care and NOT gun control continues to pull the wool over politicians and like thinkers. God’s comfort and strength to all directly and indirectly affected.

  2. Anna Cook said:

    Amen Pastor Jeremy! You Rock! Praying! So was the shooter belong to LGBQ?

  3. More bold leadership and ‘leading from the front’ from Skyline. Thank you SO much, Pastor Jeremy (and also to all the staff who humbly, and behind the scenes, make this such a dynamic church.)

  4. Kim Cooney said:

    I and my husband attend a Methodist church in Idaho. We used to live in Ca. and I was a member of your church years ago. You really tell it like it is with regard to the LGBTQ population. We wish more ministers would speak to this issue; however, they don’t want to hurt new members joining their church. We need to pray for these people that they will turn from their sinful ways and know that God made them for a purpose. That is NOT to change gender either. Thank you for your frankness. God bless.

  5. Hillary Lambrecht said:

    Thank you for speaking up in courage and love Pastor Jeremy! You are a light in a very dark place we are living in. Great interview and Iā€™m proud to be a member at Skyline where we live in the Word and the Truth.
    God bless you šŸ™āœļøā¤ļøšŸ™Œ

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