Jeremy McGarity
November 21, 2023

Unwrap The Gift


Whether or not you are lighting the Advent candles this year, I want to make sure that we understand the themes, gifts, and promises from God laid out in the Bible. I did a message series covering the advent themes of Love, Joy, Peace. You can check out that series here Unwrapped Christmas Series

Christmas is a time to reflect and remember why Jesus came to Earth! I’m not here to give you a string of Christmas platitudes or cotton candy theology to cover up the reality of our difficult world. But I do believe that when Jesus came to an imperfect world, He brought these qualities of life with Him.  As we follow His example, we literally unwrap his gifts of love, joy, peace, and hope even if we're going through the hardest of times.

What Child Is This?

What child is this? That’s a critical question. In fact, you might even say your response to that question is The Most Important Answer you will ever conjure. If you’re familiar at all with the Birth of Jesus story, you’d agree, Joseph wasn’t ready that first Christmas. His thoughts were focused on “Whose child is this” instead of “What child is this?” None of us are ready to celebrate Christmas unless we KNOW what child is this?

In this series we’re going to learn, grow, apply Scripture in a practical way and share some laughs as we unwrap exactly who this Child is. If you’re new to Skyline, that may seem paradoxical, but we’re not a stiff-necked church. We like to crack a smile when we can. And, it's the season of joy! So check out the Unwrapped Christmas Sermon Series and then clear your Sunday mornings for the month of December as we tackle a NEW sermon series called, Christmas at Skyline. We don’t want anyone to miss The Gift. You can come at your own pace. Come as you are. There are no perfect people allowed at Skyline Church!

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