Jeremy McGarity
April 29, 2020


What in the Pandemic World is ACTUALLY going on?

Alright, I’ll admit it, I’M DONE. I’ve been a good soldier, taking precautions and leading others to do the same. This Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic, Social Distancing, Face Masks, Quarantine, long lines at Costco and other stores, no church gatherings, no gatherings at all for that matter, unless it’s Costco or Home Depot or other Big Box stores, hmm… I was shoulder to shoulder with people in these places, but I can’t worship at my church? I can’t stand shoulder to shoulder in church but as long as I’m at certain stores, no problem? Oh, but not small businesses (the backbone of our economy) just certain large stores. Even with the signs that say keep your six feet of distance, there was no way to keep six feet from people when there were well over 500 people buzzing around these big box stores.

What are we to do and what are we to actually believe? How long will we allow our freedom of religion and our freedom of speech to be trampled on? What started out as a “safety” measure has turned into a sacrifice measure. The sacrificing of our freedoms. I’ve been doing my research and I hope you have too. What I am about to share with you is only the tip of the iceberg, I could write a book about the atrocities being committed through this supposed crisis. I would encourage you to do your own research, check my facts, and find more facts yourself. I am not an alarmist, but I am a person who believes in our Constitution and in our founding father’s principles for laying the groundwork of our great country including freedom, truth and justice. And I hate to see people being taken advantage of and right now seven weeks into this quarantine, there is no question in my mind, we are being taken advantage of.

This “pandemic” in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, has been blown WAY out of proportion. Is this virus serious? Yes, is it serious enough to shut down our nation? NO. Don’t get me wrong, we still need to be cautious and take care of the most vulnerable. However, the bottom line is, something else is happening. I do not know what that something is, but it is clear, the extreme measures that have been taken are NOT necessary. Some believe China manufactured this as a bioweapon. Some believe the democrats are behind this as a last-ditch effort to get Trump out of office. When their impeachment failed miserably, they had no other options. It is said, they wanted to crash the economy, blame it on Trump, and get new leadership in place on Nov. 3rd at the next presidential election. You can see articles ad nauseam on this and many other theories. That is an argument for another time.

Initially, these extreme measures we have all experienced were, perhaps, necessary. Now, however, we have treatments, we have tests, we have the ability to at least manage the virus. Yet, we are told to continue to “shelter in place” with no thought to the mental, emotional, financial, and physical trauma this has caused and continues to cause people each day our country is CLOSED. I spoke with a local law enforcement official yesterday and he told me crime has skyrocketed the last week and a half. People can only take so much. It is time to open our country. The effects of the supposed cure (shelter in place) are now worse than the pandemic itself. Suicides, alcoholism, abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence are all up across the nation. We are not meant to be caged up like animals. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things I’ve found. There are plenty of statistics through research that confirm what I’m saying and I’ve provided links for you to see what I’m talking about. However, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and other platforms have been taking down videos and articles from doctors and other experts with statistics disproving the numbers that counties are claiming are Covid-19 related deaths. So, if the link does not work, let me know, it may have been censored and taken down. There are multiple reports, including recently on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, that Doctors are being pressured to claim deaths as Covid-19 even if they are not (see link from San Antonio news). I had to dig for this link because YouTube (where I first saw the video) took this video down, because it did not agree with what YouTube believes. Since when do they muzzle free speech? The answer is NOW. Same with Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Many reputable fact finders have been shut down on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Free speech? Only if you agree with these Social Media outlets which have a liberal and even communistic worldview. 

Taking the Covid-19 from a strictly data-driven perspective, let’s see how it shapes up against our annual flu season. Statistically speaking, the numbers don’t lie, unless those reporting the numbers lie about the numbers which has been the case with Covid-19. Let’s take a look at some data. Flu deaths vary from year to year, but according to Johns Hopkins University (see link) that range can be anywhere from 12,000 to 61,000 in the United States per year. The worldwide number of deaths from the Flu vary from year to year anywhere between 291,000 to 646,000.              

Currently, total deaths from Covid-19, and remember this is with the inflated numbers of doctors and hospitals reporting non Covid-19 deaths as Covid-19 deaths, so we know these numbers are hyper-inflated. According to Johns Hopkins University and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) total worldwide deaths from Covid-19 are, as of April 29: 225,927. This inflated number, currently represents the LOW end of a typical flu season, yet we are quarantined! In the United States, currently, as of April 29 the CDC estimates that there have been between 24,000 and 62,000 Flu related deaths. Covid-19 inflated deaths in the US stand at 60,207 as of April 29. Now, we grieve for those who have friends and family members who have died from the flu or Covid or any other disease. We do not take this lightly. 

However, these numbers are in line with a typical flu season. While the Coronavirus is not the flu, it is a different virus as I understand it, most comparisons are comparing it to the flu because of some similarities in the nature of the viral disease. It is time to open our country. The chance of dying from Covid-19 in California (again, this is with the inflated numbers) is 0.03. Huh? 0.03 … You’re more likely to win it big with a scratch off ticket (I do not recommend buying scratch offs), the point is you have very long odds at winning the lottery, yet your odds of dying from Covid-19 are longer. However, we remain locked down, the economy is in the toilet, people are literally going crazy stuck in their homes and we are doing NOTHING about it. 

In the beginning, it may have been wise to shelter at home and avoid contact with people. We simply did not know the facts about this virus. However, now, we know, we have a lot of information, and a lot of disinformation. As the stay at home mandate lingers on it is becoming clearer that it may actually be a fear tactic being used in an attempt to gain control of the population and limit our freedoms. Fear is an incredibly effective control tactic. So far, it’s worked for seven weeks. I do not know what “they” intend to try to control in the long run, but currently, they are controlling our lives, our freedom of expression, our worship, and our futures. It is time to put pressure on our politicians to open our county, state, and country. Once again, Texas is leading the way in exhibiting a willingness to be American and show the way to freedom (see link below). Just another reason why so many California companies and California residents have made their way to Texas over the last decade (link below). 

So, what do we do now? The first step is inundating our local government with calls, emails, letters, messages, etc. and let them know you want our county, state, and nation OPEN. The next step is peaceful protest. There are many protests being organized right now, you can find them near you by a simple search (if these have not been taken down by google, twitter, facebook or other sites). Just make sure you know what exactly is being protested before joining one. There are protests for and against this lockdown so make sure you’re at the right one. I want you to know, as your pastor, and also for those that do not go to Skyline, I will be doing everything I can do to make sure our voices are heard. We will be together again soon, gathering, singing, praising, learning, growing and doing all God has called us to do in His Name. Although these stressful and anxious times can be overwhelming, you have the ultimate source to take your fears, worries and concerns to. Our Lord Jesus Christ has promised to let His peace rest on us as we draw near to Him. Trust Him, He will get us through this. God bless you and God Bless America.


57 thoughts on “I’m DONE”

  1. Julie Beck-Meloche said:

    Amen!! That is exactly what we’re all thinking but we don’t do anything about it. It is time to take action, peaceful action, but inaction means we accept what is going on and we are people, not animals.

    • Emilia Provencio said:

      Thank you P. Jeremy for keeping us well informed and sharing it with wisdom.
      I’ll be checking it out the sites.

  2. Great thoughts, Pastor Jeremy! Grateful for your boldness and that you speak the truth in love! Thank you for you willingness to be used by God and for impacting so many lives for Him. We are blessed to be a part of Skyline!

  3. linda1919 said:

    Absolutley agree, thank you for speaking out. This is insidious.

  4. Susan Rackley said:

    Thanks, Jeremy. Needs to be considered!

  5. linda gumtz said:

    Thank you for taking a stand. Agree 100%

  6. linda1919 said:

    Thank you for this. Agree 100%

  7. Jason Sieckman said:

    Thank you for taking a stand and sharing this important information! My wife and I have been doing our own research over the past few weeks and have come to the exact same conclusion. A line has to be drawn in the sand or we will all likely be pushed into the sea.

  8. Bethany Gaut said:

    Jeremy!! AMEN!!!! I’ve been waiting for someone to say this out loud!!! Ugh!! I’m ready!

  9. Yes and AMEN. We need to open up, to save lives🙏

  10. All the clapping emojis 👏🏼 & a mic drop 🎤

  11. It’s a lawyers world.

  12. jeanne maiden said:

    While I agree in part as a healthcare provider for many years I wonder if we would be saying the same things if we lived in New York. The projections were not accurate but we also were proactive in calling for the safety measures. I think we need to open things up but let’s not throw caution to the wind. Let’s open with caution and see what the effect is. We have not had a virus like this that has been as quickly spread in so many ways with such negative effects ( deaths) in such a short period. As our church opens how will the vulnerable be cared for? What is that plan?

    • Thank you for your comment….No question, nobody is suggesting throwing caution to the wind – but it’s time to open in phases – not stay locked down when the scientific data shows the flattened curve — it doesn’t get much flatter than the current curve in Ca. Esp in SD— also, of course it’s different in hot spots like NY…which is also showing major improvements. But, I’m only referring to places like San Diego, where there is very limited amount of issues- yet we are locked down as if we’re a hotspot like NY city.

      • JEANNE m MAIDEN said:

        I agree to open in a phased fashion with a check on the data. The news regarding closing of all beaches at first yesterday felt alot like punishment. That is no go with me. We are not children in need of scolding. Happy to see it was revised. We do need to move forward.

  13. Nick Ellman said:

    Good Morning Pastor Jeremy, My sentiments exactly. The true data and science is being glossed over for what. I believe it is about power and control which mankind does not do that well. I miss my church family at Skyline. Praying for you and your/our family. Love You. PS:Still have that GPS on you. V/R Nick

  14. Peter Lupo said:

    I agree 100%, well written. Thank you for your leadership.

  15. Nicholas Sulo said:

    Pastor Jeremy,

    This was a very well said and put together case and frankly one I couldn’t agree with more. I work as a Firefighter/EMT in our San Diego community and am well familiar with the FACTS not fiction of what is going on and to watch greed and profits for certain agendas continue to rise while our basic freedoms ( walking the board walk, catching a sunrise, praying at the beach while the waves crash, worshipping with the community) get looked over and stripped..well let’s just say it’s taking almost of my strength and patience to maintain a positive, forward progressing attitude and between following a daily journal practice coupled with the daily devotional to keep my focus in all the right places, that’s how I am accomplishing it.

    I appreciate your no nonsense message on this COVID issue and for your continued support to me and everyone else who learns from the messages you and the skyline community put out during all of this.

  16. Suzi Harris said:

    Thank you Jeremy for your insight. I totally agree.

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  17. While I respect your opinion and agree with the need to open businesses, I’m a little disappointed with the underlying political party push in a couple sentences. I really look up to you and hoped someone of your influence would keep personal political agendas to yourself, but I guess it’s your personal blog and you can do with the platform what you wish. Nonetheless, I think you could have very easily gotten the message across without it.

    • I think you are missing the point of the article and are allowing your prejudice against a pastor to cloud your judgment — this is an article about facts not political motivations. Disappointed in your uniformed response

      • Respectfully, I think you missed the point of my comment. I do apologize for holding you to a higher standard and therefore having preconceived expectations; you are human and very much entitled to your own political views and may choose to express them in any form. To be clear, I agreed with everything you wrote except for the 2-3 additional “argument for another day” sentences, which felt unnecessary for the message and gave the otherwise very well written piece a political hue. Those sentences were the only thing my comment was in reference to.

        In the future, I hope you consider that your position and words/comments, regardless of the forum, do hold significant value and can make quite an impact… especially to someone new to/recommitting their life to Christ. I hope you consider grace and love as the first approach. Thank you for your time.

      • deardancer said:

        We just saw todays sermon here at home, your Sermon on RESPECT. I then re-read Mill’s statement above, and must say that I very much agree with Mills.
        (The highly regarded Texas, and other states, rapid reopening is setting record highs for new hospitalizations, while San Diego stays within range on all measurements with our controlled reopenings)
        But Thanks for the sermon on Respect. The bigest thing to me was – hold my tongue being harsh on folks that disagreee with me. That makes it difficult for me to write this comment with the correct words. I know that everyone has their heart in the right place, that all are Patriots and Christians, and hope all believe the same of those that disagree. We just have Minor differences.

  18. deardancer said:

    You missed a key fact; Most of the virus is spread by Prius drivers! Keep them home.

  19. barbara hill said:

    I agree 100%. The unfairness and false information that is being spread around needs to stop. We need to open our country..safely and fairly. We know the drill. We can go about our business and stay safe. Let’s all band together and write our government officials.

  20. Melynda Morace said:

    Well said!

  21. Wait… My comment was deleted? Seriously? I read the whole article, without prejudice, and with an open and loving heart. My comment was respectful and even though I felt that a couple statements you made could have been excluded from the message, I was not unkind. I hope you can extend more grace to others in the future.

    • Not deleted- I just responded to it – you said I was being political – which missed the whole point of the article – you are entitled to your opinion as I am mind – I respect your right to voice it . But accusing me of playing politics???? That was a low blow

    • Especially when I’m talking about the data- the reality of lives being lost— not from Covid but from the lock down that should break our hearts— and to say it’s politically motivated ?

    • I’m engaging you in this forum, which I wouldn’t normally do when someone starts talking political motivations- but i am because I respect your right and even your tone- I don’t agree with the content but a appreciated your tone. I can dialogue with that.

  22. I see Judith’s comment, I don’t see mine. My original comment, that doesn’t appear to be on this page anymore, wasn’t accusatory. I told you I looked up to you, respected your opinion, and agreed that businesses should reopen. I said that I felt you could have very easily gotten the message across without a couple extra sentences that seemed to have a political party push behind them. I completely understand the emotions you’re feeling and love the passion you have, but with my comment being removed, and your responses now, it’s kinda feeling like you may be taking out some of your personal feelings on people that don’t have the same political views as you? Perhaps you would be willing to review your words with me from a non biased and open heart position so that you might see where I’m coming from?

  23. mbdifley said:

    Pastor Jeremy,
    Thank you for this thoughtful & documented response to what is going on in the USA and California. Bill & I are 77 with underlying health issues. That said, we believe that we are capable of deciding how to protect ourselves in this current climate of COVID 19. To continue to shut down our entire economy because of the vulnerability of folks like us does not make sense. We will continue to be cautious. The documentation of how Texas is opening up businesses seems like a great model. It is time for California to start phased openings. Praying for God to guide you as you lead.

    • amen Mary Beth, phased openings, it’s time.

    • Hi Pastor Jeremy just wanted to share a quick link for a sermon that came out from the church we formerly attended when living in North County. I know it is kind of lengthy, but I just wanted to share an opposing view from another well respected big church. The title of the sermon is why the church will never be closed. I believe the church is made up of the people of Christ not a building. With that being said even a pandemic cannot close the church as long as Christians are still acting as the body of Christ and serving those around them.

  24. Larry Cornett said:

    Okay Jeremy, if you really believe that you are done with this sham, then tell us you are reopening our church this Sunday….no social distancing, no masks (unless one chooses to do so by their free will).
    Let’s prove to the local governments that our freedom of speech, assembly, and freedom of religion will not be infringed upon!

    • Larry, so what you’re saying is Pastor, I’d like you to get arrested 😂. They won’t arrest the whole congregation – just the leader. I think I can help move this process along better outside of jail. While I appreciate your passion. My goal is to wisely start to put more pressure on our Gov. to open. Being Done means done with the charade. Now, we’re planning our next moves to wisely fight this stomping on our liberties. Love your passion.

      • Larry Cornett said:

        Yes, that may happen, or other brave members of the church will say no you will not be arresting anyone today! Get off our private property!
        What can they charge anyone with? We broke no law! We are on private property. They would be breaking multiple constitutional rights that trump unlawful local edicts.
        Can you imagine the lawsuit we could bring against them?

        What’s the point of your blog if we are not willing to challenge them directly?
        The government will not pay any attention to our emails or phone calls.

        They win by intimidating individuals and separating us. If we stand strong as a large group, there is nothing they can do.
        Let them try and we will all have our phones documenting their actions.
        Remember other brave freedom fighters of the past. They were all willing to be arrested or killed for their beliefs.
        Someday, if we are around, will have to die for believing in Jesus (Revelations).
        Churches around the country are challenging them directly with “civil disobedience”. Why not us!?
        If we don’t, they will tell us how we are to operate our church when the state is opened again. Do you want Gov. Newsom to tell you how to run our local church?
        Fear God, not man!

  25. It’s really just like 3 sentences that seem like they’re underlined with personal political party views and may be giving off the wrong impression. If your intention is to not have political motivations brought up, it might be worth considering removing them?

  26. Steve Franke said:

    Please be careful. These people who are behind this are evil. I’m praying that God gives you the wisdom to combat this satanic attack on Gods people. As leaders we need to fight not as one beating the air but effectively. We need to bind the strongman and take authority over this evil in Jesus’s name, by the blood, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. I support you brother!

  27. Does anyone know if there are protests here close to us? I live in San Carlos…


    I just viewed this sermon from March. Very timely.
    Thanks for your statements,


  29. As of today April 30th, there have been 124 deaths out of 3,325,468 people in San Diego County. Of those deaths according to San Diego County Health and Human Services 86.3% of those 124 deaths were 60+ years old or older, 71% of the deaths were 70 years old or older. There has been zero deaths for anyone under the age of 20. The death rate is like taking one leaf from the Sierra Nevada Forest.

    Jason Lee

    • linda gumtz said:

      Regardless of age

      how many of the people who unfortunately died had pre existing medical conditions or undiagnosed ones due to life style choices that exacerbated the situation? The large hospital a family member works at 100% did.

  30. Christi Laird said:

    Something else Pastor Jeremy. I have felt this way for a while. Something didn’t add up..

    PLEASE READ!!!!! If you read anything I post today, read this 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 copied & shared

    During the Holocaust, they convinced people to put their families on trains (for their own good/safety) so they could be taken to a “safe place”. We all know the result of that. Have you ever heard of history repeating itself? I watched in horror as the police in China hauled a woman by both arms and both legs, shoved her in a van, and took her to a “camp” for COVID victims. We’ll never know what happened to those people. And with what’s taking place right here in our own country, don’t think for one second that it couldn’t happen here. We the people have proven just how quickly the government can take over all aspects of our lives. We complied based on fear tactics……….some of which are very untrue, and magnified/sensationalized to get you on that “train”. Please read. It’s for the good of our country.

    Mark Levin is a very smart lawyer who worked in government during the Reagan administration. He knows his law.

    – MARK LEVIN: “To be clear. President Trump hasn’t shut a single business. The Governors did.”

    “We are seeing the most draconian measures ENFORCED at some STATE & LOCAL LEVELS of government that we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes, and yet, rather than being alarmed by the things going on, so many of you applaud.

    President Trump’s guidelines are VOLUNTARY & TEMPORARY but some Democrat states & cities are taking it one step further, extending the lockdown and CRIMINALIZING behavior. Bill Gates wants to keep America locked down for 10 months! THAT’S WHAT LIVING UNDER A COMMUNIST REGIME LOOKS LIKE, AND YOU APPLAUD.

    People are being arrested in some states for spending too much time outside, and you applaud.

    Pastors are being arrested in some states for daring to hold church services, and you applaud.

    A child’s birthday party is raided by police, and you applaud.

    A young woman is ticketed for going on a leisurely drive alone because it’s deemed “non-essential travel”, and you applaud.

    A father is handcuffed & arrested in an empty park for playing softball with his 6-year-old daughter & refusing to turn over his ID, and you applaud.

    A lone paddleboarder in the ocean on a beach without any other people around is arrested because he’s violating quarantine orders, and you applaud.

    Businesses are being forcibly closed and padlocked and owners arrested for refusing to shut down, and you applaud.

    Dairy farmers are being incentivized to stop dairy farming and to sell their herds, and you don’t seem to understand the implications.

    You’re being told to use hotlines and online forms provided by your local governments to report your neighbors who don’t obey, and you comply.

    You scold people day after day for not obeying government edicts, and if any of us dare to question what’s happening, you lecture about how we’re a danger to society and we just don’t care about people dying.

    You’ve somehow managed to convince yourselves that the people whose lives are affected by a virus are MUCH more important than the people whose lives are being destroyed (and in many cases, leading to death) by the effects of a worldwide economic shutdown and impending worldwide depression the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

    At what point will you start QUESTIONING what’s going on?

    At what point will you ask how the virus got here from China? (as if it wasn’t manufactured here and even over there)

    At what point will you question why the fake news keeps defending the Communists?

    How far do you have to be pushed before you’re jolted awake from your slumber?

    How far are you willing to go with this?

    If they told you to load your families onto train cars so that you could be taken to Virus Protection Facilities for your own safety, would you do it? —> YES. Yes, you would.

    That much has become painfully obvious to me. And the whole time, you’d be shaking your finger and yelling at those of us who refused, accusing us of being “a danger to society” and “not caring if people die.” But they don’t have to load you onto train cars and take you to Virus Protection Facilities, or force you to comply, because you do that voluntarily.

    The fake news controls your mind. They control you through fear. They control you by convincing you that the world is a scary dangerous place, but they’re here to protect you, care for you, and keep you safe, just as long as you OBEY.

    They know that as long as you’re locked inside your comfortable home with Netflix, Hulu, CNN, NBC, ABC, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a cell phone, you’ll comply. No force is necessary for the majority of the herd.

    Bill Gates even wants to mandate antibody tests. ONLY those who are immune from VIRUSES will be allowed to leave their homes & work. YOU ARE IMPRISONED, willingly, and you’re too blind to see it.”

    I will not be blinded!

    I will not be controlled by the government!

    Amendment 1
    – Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Via Sandi Bradley

  31. Here is another link to 2 Dr’s sharing more truth statistics.

  32. You said it all ditto to my in my opinion your spot on

  33. WE ARE DONE, just like you! This is insanity and it needs to stop now! Let’s open church back up. I was yelling in agreement all throughout your post. Thanks for writing.

  34. Edwin Berry said:

    Thanks Pastor 🙏
    Signs of the times…
    Abortion Clinics – Open
    Churches – Closed 😢🙏

  35. David Gross said:

    I hope

    1. The Skyline families and communities continue to be spared from a Covid outbreak of any size.

    2. That the gospel message continues to be central.

  36. I do agree with you. I am done, and I think its over blown. I agree with Tucker Carlson, but I do know Democrats that are Christians, yes Democrats, and I know non christian seekers who think that the idea that all christians are Republican and listen solely to Fox News is a turn off and stumbling block for them. I think we should be careful not to mention party affiliations or super conservative T.V. channels.

    • linda1919 said:

      Well put and I agree. We all filter what we hear through experience and what we identify with. Always strive for my identity to be in Christ. That said i also filter through being a business woman, mother, etc. and if one of those identities is maligned i might not hear things objectively. Many Democrats i know dont really know what the party platform is now.

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