Jeremy McGarity
April 27, 2021

Covid Vaccine … Yes or No?

There are a lot of questions surrounding the various Covid Vaccines and how a person of faith should approach them. I fully realize as I speak to people in the lobby at church on Sundays that several people have gotten their vaccine already. Some greet me with a, “Hey, we’re back, we’ve got our vaccine … so we’re out in public again.” 

I suppose for some people the vaccine has been a mental relief from fear of Covid. I must admit, it saddens me that fear was so propagated and still is, that people were not willing to go out except with a vaccine now. I’ve already stated my view on Covid, Mask Mandates, and other agendas forced upon us. 

My goal of writing this is not to get people fired up on either side of the vaccine debate. I’m going to answer some of the frequently asked questions I’ve received about the vaccine and look at it from a couple of different angles as well as just give you my personal opinion based on my own research. So, take my opinion but check it against your own research. And please, do not go blindly by what you are told in the media. You must research both sides of the vaccine debate and draw your own conclusion based on sound research.

Fetal Cell Tissue

One of the biggest debates is over the use of fetal cell tissue in the vaccines. Of the four vaccines available to the public, two have fetal cell lines and two do not. The two that do not are Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna/NIAID. The two that utilize fetal cell lines are Astrazeneca/University of Oxford and Johnson and Johnson. The debate centers on the ethics of using an aborted or miscarried child’s cell line. The two vaccines that utilize aborted or miscarried fetal cell lines use the cell code to help produce the vaccine. The cell code is replicated as many times as needed year after year. These cell lines were taken from an aborted or miscarried fetus in 1973 and in 1985. See this illustration for more information on fetal cell line usage in vaccines. I do not agree with the use of fetal cell tissue period.

The Mark of the Beast

Is the vaccine the Mark of the Beast? The answer is NO. This is not a secret way to inject the Mark of the Beast into your system. Let me give you some clear biblical reasons why it is not the Mark. You can also read Revelation 13 for more information or go to my sermon series from last Summer and Fall on The End Times. Click here: The End Times Series.

1. The Mark of the Beast will be required when the Beast shows up. The Beast is not on the scene leading anything at this point (although I understand that is debatable based on our current circumstances). The Beast as scripture describes him has not revealed himself as of yet.
2. The timing of The Mark will be deep into the Tribulation period.
3. The Mark will be on the forehead or right hand and not injected into your system.
4. The Mark is a token of worship. People will have to pledge allegiance to the Beast in order to receive the Mark. People will literally be lining up to pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ (the Beast). A person will not accidentally take the Mark of the Beast nor will a person be tricked into taking the Mark. 
5. As Christians, we will not be here when the Beast arrives on the scene. As I taught in the End Times series, the overwhelming evidence in Scripture favors a Pre-Tribulational Rapture of the Church (Christians). That means we will be with Jesus in Heaven BEFORE the Rule of the Anti-Christ takes shape and the Tribulation is unleashed on the earth.  

Vaccine Side Effects

There have been widely reported side effects of the Covid vaccine. Of course a regular google search will not produce these reports except on page 12 or 13 of the search. They have absolutely buried the statistics. A better search is by using a browser like duckduckgo which puts the most relevant research at the top of the page regardless of political affiliation.

According to investigative reporter James Grundvig when describing comments from one expert and advocate for the vaccines said,
The author neglects to explain that mRNA vaccines are only “authorized for emergency use” and not approved by either the US FDA or the UK’s NHS. She further downplays the 929 deaths and the nearly 16,000 adverse events that have been reported to VAERS in the first few months of administering the experimental vaccines. 

See full report here 

We also know that recently the Johnson and Johnson version of the Covid vaccine was withdrawn from use after reports of deaths from blood clotting associated with the vaccine. I believe it is back in circulation now. 

Is Your Job Requiring You to Take It?

Some have reached out and said their place of employment is requiring employees to be vaccinated in order to come to work. First of all, this is illegal. The vaccine is only approved for emergency use and it is NOT FDA approved. You would have a very strong lawsuit if they force you to take it. I was thinking about this today, imagine that … in America, we are being threatened with our jobs, our entertainment (sports stadiums requiring vaccines) etc … and on and on, and if we don’t take the vaccine we are on the outside of society. This is wrong in so many ways. I was glad to see someone finally take a stand and say we are not requiring vaccinations.... And that was … NASCAR … which just might be my new favorite sport. 

If you're being required to take the vaccine, have a serious sit down conversation with your boss and tell him/her you are a person of faith and you cannot take it based on the fact that it contains fetal cell tissue from an aborted baby. Perhaps you can use a religious exemption. Or, tell them your concern over the possible side effects. If they still force you, speak to legal counsel. This puts you in a tough spot no doubt. Pray and ask the Lord to lead you. 

My Personal View

In my research, I see the Covid vaccine as an unproven experiment. We have no idea what the long-term effects could be. We truly do not even know if it is effective. Yet, it is being pushed on us as a MUST. Not only is it a problem for me ethically (especially considering the two vaccines that used aborted fetal cell lines), it is a problem for me as a person who does not like being told what to do by someone I do not trust. The very fact that they are saying, “You must take it” causes me to automatically push back and say, “Oh yeah, watch me NOT take it just because you are forcing it down my throat as if I live in China!”

Furthermore, censoring on social media continues. Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms take the liberty of adding links when buzzwords are recognized. These links are not synonymous with the views of posts such as my last blog, "Un-Masked." When our voices are silenced, it raises questions and violates our trust in the mandates being enforced.

Covid is not and was not what it was reported to be, then as soon as Biden is in office the PCR tests are changed (see above link on vaxxter) and the numbers are reduced as vaccines are rolled out and championed as the savior. Even though there are two vaccines that do not have the fetal cell line, I still will not be taking those. As a healthy individual who exercises and eats right (most of the time) there is no need to inject my body with an experimental cocktail of mRNA.

Vaccine Anti-Faith?

Taking the vaccine is not necessarily anti-faith. I would discourage anyone from just blindly going and getting the vaccine just because they can. Sometimes vaccines are required in places to move the gospel forward. There are vaccines that missionaries have to take in order to bring the gospel to disease-infected parts of the world. I know many missionaries that are full of faith and they take these vaccines so they can bring the good news to the “least of these.”  

At the end of the day, I do not know of many vaccines that are good at all. I believe they have done a lot of harm to kids especially. Each year the list of required vaccines for a child to go to school continues to grow.  

I believe this is a personal decision that you must make based on your own research. I have given you my research and my opinion on the matter. But, I do not think a person is of lesser faith if they have taken the vaccine. I am just of the opinion that it is not necessary based on the evidence and the limited time the vaccine had to come to market and the limited proof of effectiveness among other reasons. 

For more information read who does a good job of laying out vaccine information that you will not get in the MSM. 

I would love to hear your comments and get your thoughts (your measured, researched thoughts) don’t be a jerk. Did you take the vaccine? Did you have any side effects? Are you going to take the vaccine? Are you not going to take the vaccine?


35 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine … Yes or No?”

  1. Ron Ogdon said:

    As a senior citizen, I did my research and got the Moderna vaccine. Minimal side effects with injections. I would add that I have controlled hypertension and have had a quadruple bypass.

    • Got it, Thanks for commenting Ron

      • I have a lot to say, but l will just say this…
        Padres, are making it difficult to sit in YOUR season ticket seats. My/our tickets are in 118 but they are only putting me/us in 326😡😡
        Padres are saying they are following protocol.

        I will not be getting my shot any shot.
        Covid or otherwise.

  2. Suzi Harris said:

    I’m not taking the vaccine. I am not comfortable being forced to do so, and with limited research. My work is pushing for us to take it. That will not change my mind. I am healthy and eat well, so I believe my body will take care of itself. I also think I had it before but wasn’t tested. I slept for a couple of days with a headache.

  3. I am registered nurse, my husband and I both work at a large hospital here in San Diego we have seen the manipulation of the media and more.
    I have seen when the hospital was at near capacity and people were dying of covid (some without underlying conditions). As the number of covid pts increased, more and more staff got sick with covid. My husband and I are relatively young and healthy and we both got covid, he was nearly hospitalized yet we recovered. Thank the Lord! When we returned to work we had the option of getting the vaccine. It was not forced upon us. I was adamant that I was not getting the vaccine. And he wanted it. I did a lot of research on both sides and both sides seem to push fear. Then one day I was asked to work the vaccine clinic, at that moment I had some sort of conviction I cannot give an experimental vaccine with out taking it also. I chose to get it knowing it is experimental I chose to be a Guinea pig so to speak. My husband also chose to get it after accessing the risks and benefits. Working at the hospital we are ALWAYS exposed to contagious diseases. We have seen a significant decrease in covid positive patients and are still testing every patient. However there is so much we still do not know. It is unfortunate that this virus was politicized. Vaccines are a personal decision.

  4. Caroline Edkins said:

    I’m not taking the COVID-19 or any flu shot. Two reasons: First, I was told by a nurse a long time ago that you should never take a drug that’s been on the market less than 10 years, “Don’t Be the Guinea Pig”. Second, I’m highly sensitive to medications. There’s no way I’m taking the COVID-19 shot. I don’t want to get horribly

  5. Karen Grube said:

    I’m nearing 70, and so far I have chosen not to be vaccinated. I believe we have terrific treatments should the need arise and I am otherwise healthy. What scares me is the possibility of my activities like travel being limited if I remain unvaccinated. Also, there are reports of those who are vaccinated still being infected. I’m skeptical. At the very least, I’m going to wait until we know more about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. I won’t be pressured into making a decision by anyone.

  6. I am a public school teacher and even though I’ve had the option of getting the vaccine, I opted out of it. I am not comfortable not knowing what the long term side effects are, with it not being on the market very long, and am healthy, in decent physical shape and workout regularly and take care of myself for the most part. I also am not comfortable putting fetal tissue in my body as well as for women who still want to have kids, the side effects I have heard could affect women’s reproductive system which I am not taking a chance with. So I am a firm hard no for the vaccine.

  7. Kim Brewer said:

    I am not taking the vaccine. This is a virus, vaccines are not effective for viruses. The side effects & death from the vaccine are underreported and I believe this is a huge experiment on the population. My body my choice.

  8. Susan Rackley said:

    I have severe immune issues and thus was in self-quarantine for about a year. For me, this Covid Vaccine is the only way I know to avoid Covid, while NOT avoiding people! My “get out of jail free” card, so to speak. I had the Pfizer shots, with side effect of half a day of being a bit tired. For me, being able to once again see people not in my immediate family was the motivator.

    But it stuns me that, after being “fully immunized”, the government still wants us to mask and distance. Phooey! Not going to!

  9. Very well said and I appreciate the research as well as your personal thoughts. I personally am amazed that people think the vaccine is a cure for Covid. Which is far from the truth. I stand with you as an unvaccinated individual who trust in God. Thank you Jeremy.

    Diana Hill

  10. Alison Koll said:

    Thank you for this thoughtful post, Pastor. I think words matter, and it is important to acknowledge that these shots do not meet the legal definition of a vaccine. These shots are not vaccines. This word is being misapplied to an experimental gene therapy injection. Calling these shots vaccines further propagates a false narrative, and in this time of abundant deceit it is vital to shine light on the truth. I apologize if I’m preaching to the choir!!

  11. Shelby Harper said:

    I am a public school teacher in Virginia (I visited your church in December) and have around 35 students who have 504 Plans (created for students with disabilities that don’t affect their ability to learn, but there are barriers to learning). Covid quarantine has been a breading ground for mental illnesses in the lives of our teenagers. Anxiety, depression, attempted suicide and more, all are symptoms that we need to take ownership of. We are the ones who have inflicted mental anguish on the very ones we want to love and protect, the young and the elderly. When this school year started and I encountered more and more attempted suicides it affected me. Special meetings called to consider additional mental disabilities. I struggled on a personal level, at times barely able to breathe, wondering who was going to be next. I feel that the world has implemented an agenda that will have long term effects on our children. Even though schools are reopened in my area, we are at about 25%. The rest of our students have chosen to stay home and continue to learn virtually. The home is oftentimes where you will find the ones who are suffering the most. School used to be a safe place for some students who were abused at home (physically and/or mentally). I know my response isn’t addressing the Covid vaccine, other than to say I don’t think a magical shot is going to fix the issues we’ve created. We need to advocate and use our voice to get our students back in school and learn from this nightmare.

    • Well said Shelby, thank you for this. You’re absolutely correct.

    • My wife and I are mid-60s, live in No. Virginia, she’s in a lymphoma support group, and we can’t enter into a conversation with almost anyone without being asked “Did you get your vaccine yet? Which one?” We won’t for lots of reasons, but the assumption in this politically correct and highly masked part of the country is wearing thin. I just heard AOC (I think) condemn rich countries because we vaccinate 1 in 4, while poor countries have vaccinated only 1 in 500. So if pressed I will out-virtue signal my interrogators by explaining that we refuse to jump ahead to the front of the line and will not even consider being vaccinated until the world’s poor are served first.

      On a related note to Shelby’s comment, an exterminator we know began seeing an alarming and consistent pattern last year with children at the homes he treats in his regular service calls. A strange, haunted look, slight nervousness, more quiet and little eye-contact. Not all, but many. This is nationwide institutionalized child abuse. It is godless and cruel, and we need to stop it.

      God bless you Pastor M for continuing to research and share and speak out!

  12. David L Merritt said:

    I have allowed myself to receive the so called vaccine 💉, however, after reading several reports as well as listening to prominent scientists and MD’s, I am sorry that I accepted the offer from the VA in February. I did have chills the day after the second injection. I truly believe that we are being deceived for control and economic reasons.
    David Merritt

  13. David L Merritt said:

    Fortunately I had the Maderna, no aborted cells for me.

  14. Delia V. said:

    Thank you for your post Pastor Jeremy. It is informative.

  15. KAREN NEELY said:

    Thank you !! Pastor for providing information regarding the Covid shots. I will not be taking any shots. Just a thought for those who are required to take the shot from their employers this could fall under workman’s compensation if any future health issues appear. Waiting to see how this rolls out. Take care and stay safe to all.

  16. I am Covid-recovered and do not plan to get the vaccine for an illness that, for me, was less than a cold (loss of sense of smell and fatigue. Would not have even thought to get tested had I not lost my sense of smell.)

    I think getting/not getting the vaccine is a very personal decision so cannot say what is right for others.

    One issue I see brewing on the horizon, but that is seldom discussed, is the marginalization/differentiation of the vaccinated vs. the Covid-recovered.

    For example, I wrote to the Chancellor’s Office of the Cal-State system whose office replied that they still plan to require the vaccine for everyone, and that they will be adding details in future announcement specifically addressing Covid-recovered students.

    Considering that empirical evidence exists that the Covid-recovered have antibodies as far out as 8 months to date (and who knows, it could actually be a lifetime immunity), I do not see why I would be coerced to get a vaccine for immunity I already naturally possess.

    I feel this will continue to come to a head as employers and businesses start segmenting us up as vaxxed/non-vaxxed, and doling out consequences and “privileges” of attending public events accordingly.

    For a party that is constantly telling us to “follow the science”, the selective adherence to it is troubling.

    Lastly, while “Covid” seems to dominate the conversation as the most dangerous epidemic, we need to realize that FEAR is the greatest contagion of all — and a young generation has now been deeply imprinted with it, affecting their decision-making matrix for decades to come.


    Link to NIH announcement:

    [NOTE: I have been supplementing with Vitamin D3 since last April, and a daily coated baby aspirin since August. This is NOT medical advice. ALWAYS check with your own healthcare provider.]

  17. Pastor,

    I have read that while Moderna and Pfizer did not use cell lines to make the vaccine, they used them to test the efficacy of both those vaccines. (

    With that being said, I read a Christian-based article that compared the use of cell lines to the transcontinental railroad. It also said God has redeemed the abortions by turning it into something good. (

    Very rarely, do I feel worth speaking on spiritual matters so I refer to those like yourself for guidance. All I can say is, after reading both of those articles, my gut tells me something still doesn’t feel right and I shouldn’t get vaccinated.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi JT, definitely a tough subject. You are correct in the testing phase those lines were used as I found out later. It goes back to the crux of my article, pray and let the Spirit lead you. If you don’t feel right about it, there is a reason. Others may take it and we’re not condemning that. I just think nobody should ever be forced to take it.

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