Jeremy McGarity
May 23, 2023

Skyline Church Celebrates Victorious Settlement In Landmark Lawsuit

I'm so thankful for the court's recognition of our constitutional rights and the protection of our right to practice our faith in Christ just as our Founding Fathers had intended when this country began. This settlement reaffirms that churches have the right to uphold their beliefs and not be compelled to violate the Word of God or our conscience. Take a look at the following press release!

Skyline Church Celebrates Victorious Settlement in Landmark Lawsuit

San Diego, CA– Skyline Church, along with three other California churches, has reached a significant settlement in a landmark lawsuit challenging the state's mandate for health insurance plans to include coverage for abortions. The agreement, includes a payment of $1.4 million by California officials toward the churches' attorneys' fees.

The legal battle began in 2015 when Foothill Church in Glendora, Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills in Chino, and Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch filed a lawsuit against the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC), objecting to the mandate. Later in 2016, Skyline Church, located near San Diego, joined the fight with a separate lawsuit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Two federal courts in California have played a crucial role in upholding the churches' rights and ruling in their favor. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California issued a permanent injunction on February 2, affirming that the mandate violated the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, specifically in the Foothill Church case. In the second lawsuit, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California ruled in favor of Skyline Church on May 11.

State Attorney General Rob Bonta, recognizing the impact of these court decisions, recently submitted an agreement on May 9. According to the agreement, the state department will pay $500,000 in attorney fees to the churches involved in the first case by June 30. Furthermore, in the second lawsuit, the judge ordered state officials to pay ADF on behalf of Skyline Church $900,000 in attorney fees by the same deadline.

The resolution of these lawsuits is not only a victory for the churches involved but also for religious freedom and the sanctity of life. Skyline Church expresses gratitude to the dedicated legal team at Alliance Defending Freedom for their relentless efforts and unwavering commitment to defending our First Amendment rights.

Dr. Jeremy McGarity, the senior pastor of Skyline Church, shared his thoughts on the outcome, saying, "We are thankful for the court's recognition of our constitutional rights and the protection of freedom to serve and honor Christ.  This settlement reaffirms that churches have the right to uphold their beliefs and not be compelled to violate their conscience."

Skyline Church remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the community and spreading its message of hope, love, and compassion. The church sincerely hopes this settlement will pave the way in California and the nation in showing you can win when you stand up and fight for the faith and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

12 thoughts on “Skyline Church Celebrates Victorious Settlement In Landmark Lawsuit”

  1. Mark Blocksom said:

    Pastor Jeremy,

    This is fantastic news! Thank you and the other Pastors/churches for holding fast to God’s commission and the sanctity of life!

    We are blessed to belong to a church who honors God and does not fear man’s misguided mandates.


  2. Leah Handley said:

    What a huge win!

  3. Ed Suhay said:

    Congratulations!! The arguments were pure and simple; read the U. S. Constitution. It was courageous for the plaintiffs to take on the corrupted state of California Department of Justice’s abuse of power.

    The Democrat Party has been hijacked by people that want to destroy this country and working towards that goal for the past six decades, using the public school system.

    If I could fundraise and have highway billboards around the country, here’s the one statement I’d have on every one:
    Democrats want “One Party Rule” and they claim “one Party Rule” is Democracy. The rest of the world calls “One Party Rule” COMMUNISM!
    Take a look at California, New York, New Jersey. They are ruled by the Dems and they totally ruining there states. Time for serious Knee Mails to God for His grace.
    Thank yo for the FIGHT!!!
    Ed Suhay

  4. Thank you for being bold and not backing down to our state government. Governing authorities are to be respected, but they should also be challenged when they try to exercise authority beyond what the constitution gives them. I’m glad to be part of a church that is willing to stand up for our rights.

  5. JEANNE m MAIDEN said:

    Wonderful news! Many thanks to the ADF and Skyline!

  6. Deborah L Ivers said:

    In the Sermon on the Mount, the Savior taught us the importance of letting the gospel light shine in our lives.
    Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

    Skyline is a bright light in dark world!! Let’s let our lights shine even brighter, Skyline!!

  7. Awesome!!

  8. Standing strong in the name of Jesus Christ!

  9. Mr.LeRau-Lorraine said:

    I was not aware of these legal preceedings. I am thankful for everyone’s involvement, and GOD’S-faithfulness. Thankyou for being fsithfuk-&-courageous.

  10. Ann Nash said:

    Praise God for this victory! Thank you Skyline and the other churches for standing strong in your faith and not letting the evil liberal left pressure you into compromise. The victory is ours and The battle is the Lord’s! I hope and pray this gives others confidence and courage to stand up for what’s right and not back down to culture. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord! PTL.

  11. Laura smith said:

    Jeremy, you are Gods precious servant and I thank you for doing His work and standing up and fighting for the unborn. You have so many Jewels in your crown and it’s an honor to be in the Lords Army along with you. Thank you for being BOLD and COURAGEOUS!!

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