Jeremy McGarity
May 27, 2023

Controversial Marketing Decisions and the LGBTQ Agenda

Written by: Staff

In this interview with KUSI NEWS, Dr. Jeremy McGarity, senior pastor of Skyline Church, discusses the recent controversial marketing decisions by Target and Bud Light, which have resulted in significant financial losses in the multi-billions for both companies.

Dr. McGarity expresses his belief that the LGBTQ community is a protected and influential group in America, likening it to a religion or cult. He argues that the push for LGBTQ acceptance and visibility has led to a decline in sales for these companies.

McGarity suggests that people should boycott stores like Target and advocate for them to focus solely on their core products rather than engaging in what he refers to as "politicized" actions. He also questions the expanding acronym LGBTQ+ and claims that surveys indicate only about 2% of the population identifies as LGBTQ. He explains that expanding the acronym is a marketing strategy to encourage people to believe that the majority of Americans agree with LGBTQ+.

Dr. McGarity expresses concerns about the LGBTQ agenda being pushed in schools and criticizes the decision of the City of La Mesa to fly the pride flag at City Hall, asserting that it does not represent the entire community. He explains that it is insensitive to the rest of the community as well as those who have come out of the LGBTQ lifestyle and have been threatened by those who remain in it. He emphasizes the importance of parents getting involved in school boards and engaging in the discussion of what is being taught in their children’s schools. He discourages early exposure to transgender topics that are often sexually explicit and encourage sexual exploration in children. Dr. McGarity contends that the LGBTQ lifestyle is unhealthy both scientifically and for society, citing a significantly reduced lifespan and an exponential increase in disabling and fatal diseases.

In the interview below, Dr. McGarity commented on an article by Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former chief psychiatrist for Johns Hopkins Hospital, who through scientific studies shows transgender as a mental disorder and asserts that sex change is biologically impossible. Dr. McGarity attributes the desire to change gender to a distortion of creation and an attempt to rebel against God. He advocates for providing help and support to those struggling with gender confusion and highlights the importance of truly loving someone by speaking the truth. He discourages the affirmation of this lifestyle and explains that scientific studies back up the claims of the damage the LGBTQ lifestyle inflicts on its participants. Click below to watch the full interview!


8 thoughts on “Controversial Marketing Decisions and the LGBTQ Agenda”

  1. Gloria Luedke said:

    Go Pastor Jeremy Thank you thank you

  2. Deborah L Ivers said:

    Way to go, Pastor!! So proud of you and Skyline for taking a stance in critical issues we all face today. I am so grateful to have a Pastor(s) that lead us into the light regardless of the darkness trying to invade. You and Skyline are equipping us with the truth in God’s inerrant word and I am proud to say I am a member of Skyline and that I believe in the teachings and beliefs that God’s Word provides and Skyline leads us in learning and living these Truths!

  3. Mary Beth Difley said:

    Thank you Pastor Jeremy for speaking the Truth. We decided when Target changed their bathroom designations that we would not longer shop there.

  4. Rosana Hamel said:

    Praise God!! Thank you Pastor Jeremy for speaking the truth!

  5. Thank you Pastor Jeremy McGarity for shedding The Truth of Light on This Group of Gender Confused. I also want to Thank You 4 Speaking up to the Politically in Correct Retailers that Have Chosen to Defile Them Selves, & Their Businesses by Supporting This Occultic Movement. . I for One will NEVER step Foot into a Target Store Ever Again, Nor will I Ever Support Budwiser Beer Company Ever again. As so long as these 2 Companies Show a Politically Preferance for a GROUP That Openly Chooses a Unsafe, Confused Life Style. Our Population Will Not Continue to Grow or Thrive as The Creator Created Man kind to do so. This 2% Partake In Unhealthy Acts of Sexual Perversion. And Big Pharma LOVES to Exploit them for The Life time of Drugs. That this 2% of The Worlds Population will Require to Attempt to Live a Healthy Style. . . This Group of Self Centered, Emorally Confused, Sexually Active Occultic Movement. Are Hurting Themselves. We Must Address This Group of Mentally, Emotionally GENDER Confused People. By Speaking Out In Truth To Them Publicly Thru The LOVE of Christ,. And Help to Guild Them Toward The Creator, and HIS TRUTH. . As Adults We Must Protect OUR CHILDREN & GRAND CHILDREN. From a Dark Life style of Death & Delusional Beliefs. PS, The Cosmetic Make Up Company. NYX has Also Choosen to Bow Down To This Occultic Movement By Committing to 1 Year of Advertising in Walmart Stores. San Diego CA.

  6. Laura smith said:

    Keep speaking Truth Dr. McGarity🙌

  7. Linda Parker said:

    Kudos to you Pastor McGarity! Like you, I’m so sick off all of this. As a Christian, I know what the Bible says about homesexuality and other sexual deviations. It felt so good to hear you speaking out on KUSI and echoing the thoughts of so many. Thank you!
    People also need to boycott Hallmark TV channels. They have changed their focus from family values to being “inclusive” and have gay characters and storylines.

  8. Pam Sandora said:

    Way to go Pastor Jeremy!
    I wish you would have mentioned the Dodgers baseball team too; if not on KUSI then at church!

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