Jeremy McGarity
June 8, 2023

The Bottom Line

Many organizations are unaware that they are funding principles that go against the core beliefs of their organization. This week on the Bottom Line Show with Roger Marsh, I had the privilege of expanding on our recent legislative victory! You can listen to the interview by clicking here. At Skyline Church, one of our core values is You Can't Out Give God. Thousands of people give to our mission to help people find and follow Jesus seven days a week. We take the stewarding of the tithes and offerings at our church very seriously. Contrary to what some outside the church may believe, we are not sniffing out political confrontations. When Skyline discovered that the healthcare premiums we were providing our employees were funding free abortions, we couldn't stay quiet. When people give, they are not intending their tithes and offerings to help cover abortions. The current cultural climate, the state of our country, and most certainly our biblical values had forced us to speak up for the lives of the unborn and our constitutional rights. I've been a pastor for over 25 years, so I can empathize with the pastors out there that have a mindset of focusing on what we're for and not what we're against. I, myself bought into that rhetoric for a long time. But the problem with burying your head in the sand is that the government is distorting the truth and operating in hypocrisy.  Whenever there are lies and hypocrisy, we must, as a Jesus following, Bible-believing church call it out. Here at Skyline, we believe in stewarding the money of our congregation with the utmost integrity. Not one penny from this nine year litigation case came from our congregation and went to defending this case. Our lawyers, Alliance Defending Freedom, won a settlement from the State of California to cover the entire cost of the litigation, almost one million dollars. If you missed the preamble of this conversation, you can read our press release, Skyline Church Celebrates Victorious Settlement In Landmark Lawsuit. For more on this discussion, visit The Bottom Line Podcast for the full interview with Crawford Broadcasting. And tune in til the end to hear our discussion on the LBGTQ movement and an update on the growth and expansion of Skyline Academy! We hope to see you at church on Sunday as we continue our Biblical Character series.  

5 thoughts on “The Bottom Line”

  1. Emilia Provencio said:

    Thank you for speaking up and standing for we the people of the church.

  2. Thanks Pastor Jeremy! You are awesome!

  3. Letty Preciado said:

    California is at the forefront of a very strong spiritual battle. Fighting for babies, families, schools our Faith. God will place His strongest soldiers at the front. Praying for y’all, continue being strong Infantry soldiers.
    He will give you the Words and Shields to continue. 🙏

  4. Really?? Only 1 comment. Wow, I’ve just returned from a trip to some major west coast cities that I haven’t been to in a while and the squaller and attitude (political) change since I was in those cities, it was frightening.
    Jeremy and all, keep fighting. God bless.

  5. Thank you for telling the truth!

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